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Wall Street Journal writes 'Cost Segregation is an IRS based tax strategy that almost every Commercial property owner should consider....'

Cost segregation and accelerated depreciation could be the most significant opportunity to reduce income tax liability and the time could not be better to take advantage when  combined with the 2010 Economic Stimulus Package which offers an additional 50% benefit to those who qualify. The expert Cost Segregation engineers on staff have over 9,000 studies to their credit with no benefits overturned. MACRS combined with this expertise is used in all the cost segregation studies, which is why Ernst Consulting Group, Inc is one of the most recognized companies in America to offer accelerated asset depreciation to all types of commercial real estate owners.  

Our Affiliation with Ernst Consulting Group allows us to bring this Engineering expertise to the fingertips of you and your advisor(s).  Notice the colors in the blueprint example above.  The pink details the reclassified portion of the electrical system.  The green is what is left at the original 39 year schedule.

The process could not be more simple to get started.  No signature, no commitment just a few minutes of your time and a couple documents to get a detailed proposal (at no cost or obligation) of what the benefits this strategy can provide, primarily reliable tax benefits and cash flow. Direct from the experts who engineer the studies and collect the data submitted to the IRS.  Why get it from the source and not a 3rd party?  Because if your study is ever questioned that is exactly who will have to answer to the data used. 

Since the standard procedures for completing these studies were formulated based upon the 13 principal elements and 9 quality control standards of the IRS audit techniques guide, this products reputation is one of unwaivering confidence and professionalism.  The studies are guaranteed to be defended at no cost to you and we are sure if the strategy is a true fit, the benefits will be substantial and measurable.  ROI's are commonly 20:1 and higher.

Visit the ECG web site We look forward to hearing from you or your advisor soon.          

(888) 443-1788.

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